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    The Black Watch Tartan

Originating with the formation of the 42nd Royal Highland Regiment in 1729, the Black Watch Regiment, known as the “Freiceadan Dubh” by the Highlanders, wore kilts of dark green, blue and black.  They were employed as watchers over the Highlands, hence giving them their distinctive name.  The Black Watch tartan is also know as the "Traditional" or "Government" tartan.

    The Royal Stewart tartan is probably one of the most recognizable tartans in the world today.  Also know simply as the Royal Tartan, this stunning tartan is a vibrant red with lines of green, yellow, blue, white and black.

  The Highland Granite tartan, a subtle yet stunning blend of light and dark grey. "The colours reflect the imposing scenery when journeying north from Perth to Inverness or through to Royal Deeside, granite being the predominant composition of the surrounding unique hills & mountains. This tartan is for those wishing to embrace the growing popularity of the kilt who may either have no strong clan tartan connection, or who wish to wear a tartan different from their own." ~ Scottish Tartans Authority


A note about tartans:  There is a common misconception that one can only wear their own tartan; this is just not true.  The one exception to the rule is the Balmoral tartan, which can only be worn by the Queen (and her piper) unless permission has been granted from her to use it.  While most people choose a tartan for the fact that it has a family connection, or a special place, many others choose a tartan for the simple fact that they like the design.  With over 5000 tartans now in existense, the choices are endless. For more information on tartans and their history, check out the Scottish Tartans Authority website.