Hire by Piece


If you are only missing one or two pieces from your own kilt outfit - you can rent individual items, here!


Sporran with Chain/Leather Sporran Belt                                 $50

Kilt Only (Kilt, Flashes & Hose)                                                 $125

Jacket Only (Prince Charlie & Vest with Bow Tie)                     $125

Below the Belt (Kilt, Flashes, Sporran, Belt & Buckle, Hose)    $200


Sgian Dubh                                                           $30

Belt &Buckle                                                         $30

Fly Plaid with Brooch                                            $30

Sash or Shawl with Brooch                                   $30

Tartan Table Runners                                           $3


Insurance is included in the fee

Please call us at 780-433-6889 or send an email to inquiries@anythingscottish.com should you have questions.