Formal Kilt Hire Outfit

$250   The Formal Kilt Hire Outfit includes

                        Kilt with Flashes

                        Prince Charlie Jacket with Vest

                        Dress Sporran

                        Bow Tie and Hose

All you need to complete your rental outfit are a pair of black shoes and a white shirt.

Ghillie Brogues (tradtional Scottish shoes) are available for purchase.

Each Kilt Hire outfit has been altered and freshly dry cleaned just for you.  This alone makes Scottish Imports  unique among kilt hire companies across the country!   Timely measurements, taken by our staff  - whenever possible - and prompt return of your garments enables this ongoing service guarentee.  Thank you to all our rental clients for helping us maintain this level of customer service.   

WE'RE DOING SOMETHING NEW!  We didn't before, but now we do want you to return the hose in your rental package along with the rest of the garments and regalia.  Scottish Imports launders and then donates the hose to the Edmonton Bissel Centre.  Scottish Imports donated over 200 pair of freshly washed and folded hose in our first year of this program and we expect to donate over 300 pair next year.  Scottish Imports acknowledges and thanks Bulloch and Cowell of Scotland for their support in offering a price break on the Glen Appin plain off-white hose in aid of this venture.