Kilt Hire

Weddings, Graduations, Special Occasions, Corporate Events...great way to show off your heritage!


          Formal Kilt Package  


Rental Packages for Men

          Formal - Kilt, Prince Charlie Jacket with Vest, Sporran, Flashes & Hose  ($250)  

          Below the Belt - Kilt, Sporran, Belt/Buckle, Flashes & Hose  ($200)    

          Kilt Only - Kilt, Flashes & Hose  ($125)

          Jacket Only - Prince Charlie Jacket with Vest and Black Satin Bow Tie  ($125)  

          Sporran Only - Choice of One of 3 Different Designs with Leather & Chain Belt  ($50)


Why choose Scottish Imports for KILT HIRE?

  1. Alberta's largest selection of kilts and regalia for gents, ladies and children.

  2. Kilts in three tartans: Royal Stewart, Black Watch and, our latest addition, HIghland Granite.

  3. Kilt hire and regalia rental packages to suit all needs and occasions...formal, "below the belt", kilt only, children's and ladies packages plus individual pieces 

  4. full range of sizes.

  5. Every garment is altered, dry cleaned and pressed EVERY TIME -  just for you!  No other kilt hire venue guarentees this service!

  6. Matching table runners and napkins are available for hire. 


We are a full service retail Scottish importer!  We can fulfill the decorating and gifting needs for any and all Scottish and Celtic occasions!


Please click on links below for more details on kilt hire.


Formal Kilt Hire Outfit                  

Ladies Attire for Hire                      

Children's Attire for Hire

Additional Regalia for Hire             

Separate Pieces for Hire                                  

Kilt Hire FAQ's             


Need help figuring out how to put your kilt on?  Go here: How to Wear your Highland Regalia